Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen


Donnie Yen (Chinese: 甄子丹; born 27 July 1963) is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film director, action choreographer and film producer. Apart from being a well-known film and television actor in Hong Kong, Yen has also gained international recognition for appearing in many films together with other prominent and internationally-known actors such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh. He is considered to be Hong Kong's top action star; director Peter Chan mentioned that he "is the 'it' action person right now" and "has built himself into a bona fide leading man, who happens to be an action star."

Γνωστός για: Acting

Γενέθλια: 1963-07-27

Τόπος γέννησης: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

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