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12 Angry Men (1957)

12 Angry Men (1957) - Drama Movies 97 minutes. Twelve Angry Men, Doze Homens e uma Sentença, 12 hombres sin piedad, Douze hommes en colère, 12 hombres en pugna, 12 edsvorne menn, 12 مرد خشمگین, De Twaalf Gezworenen, 12 edsvurna män, 12 Angry Men - Die 12 Geschworenen, Die 12 Geschworenen, 12 hommes en colère, Οι Δώδεκα Ένορκοι, 12인의 성난 사람들, 12명의 성난 사람들, Dwunastu gniewnych ludzi. The defense and the prosecution have rested and the jury is filing into the jury room to decide if a young Spanish-American is guilty or innocent of murdering his father. What begins as an open and shut case soon becomes a mini-drama of each of the jurors' prejudices and preconceptions about the trial, the accused, and each other. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , full movie online free, download full movie in hd quality, watch free streaming